Chat app that matches two strangers with
opposite opinions about a certain topic!

Chat Reinvented.
Mixmind ensures the debate flow with a brand new chat structure where the user has to mark his message type (statement, refutation, question, answer, source, etc) before sending it and earns points being kind and respectful through the chats and loses otherwise. The more points you get, more control you have over the debate.

Be matched with someone who thinks different than you!
Mixmind is a communication platform to debate and exchange views on current issues of polarized opinions by matching strangers who selected the same subject to be discussed and that have opposite opinions for this same subject they have selected.

Earn points, get powerful!
Modpowers are moderation powers that function as special actions you can acquire with Mixpoints (reputation points) in order to get certain privileges in the discussions.

Several topics to choose from!
Currently available topics:
• Gay Marriage
• Legalizing Marijuana
• iOS Vs. Android
• Israel Vs. Palestine
• Religion Vs. Science
• Death Penalty
• Legalizing Euthanasia
• Refugee Crisis
• Marvel Vs. DC
• Feminism Vs. Anti-Feminism
• Vegs. Vs. Meat-Eaters
• Legalizing Abortion
• American Politics
• Brazilian Politics

More topics coming soon! You can suggest new topics to Mixmind team sending an email to
It's freeeeeee!
Mixmind is an academic project and also serve as a social experiment. It's 100% free to use! In fact, it's currently being developed as a nonprofit app!
TL;DR? Here's a video! (It's less than 2min long!)

Mixmind is coming soon for iOS and Android!

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